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meglio ancora di Uri Geller, ci sono persone capaci di aprire mondi con la forza del pensiero. Frieda vive a Rotterdam, gestisce Studio Lab 71 [concept  .  design  . styling  . photography], realizza oggetti onirici e tiene un diario online.ecco cosa dice di sé e del suo lavoro:

"I like to daydream and contemplate on poetic thoughts,  and for Lab 71 I channel these thoughts into real touchable images ready to be shared  with the world.  Through the use of unusual props, fashion and models Lab 71 creates  a dreamy naive world that inspires and makes you happy. The products are not so much utensils, but rather objects of art you can carry with you,   sit on or can look at. NO slick and polished design you can buy hundreds of at a time,  But new and original creations, handcrafted, that are unique in its kind, you will never  find something exactly the same".

tutte le foto sono di Frieda Mellema

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