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[October 10 
Rather stoic for a Libra, you take life very seriously. You probably have friends and family constantly suggesting that you “lighten up.” What they don't realize is that you're not gloomy, just staid, especially about important matters. Having a birth number 2 means that “important” usually has something to do with another's needs and problems. It wouldn't be surprising if you were attracted to the fields of health or psychology as a result. No matter what, that very calm demeanor also means that you'll catch subtleties that others miss completely, an aptitude that gives you a valuable edge.
Socially you may be a little awkward because of your very cerebral nature. Following a conversation isn't always easy for companions of this Scale. There's no question of your sincerity, however. That's obvious in the manner you present ideas, even if they're too intellectual to follow sometimes. Part of the challenge for you is finding ways to tone down or tune out the mind and simply relax a little.
The same holds true in relationships. While you're a very devoted lover, it's hard for mates to feel truly close. It's also hard for you to release and accept affection, as you get too caught in your head to enjoy physicality]

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